Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Arizona on my mind

Well, for years I've resisted moving to Arizona, but suddenly the place seems kinda interesting.

I guess the crazy politics found in California and their pig stupid taxation and associated over the top leanings to crazy liberal antics has kinda done it for me.

Whatever the reason, California Democrats really piss me off with their insanity and make no mistake, Michael Savage has that number taped,  pretty much the way it is.

I can't decide if this insanity is care of the sun or their diet.

Time will tell, but for the moment it's not looking good for Kalifornia.

Especially with that total twat Komrade Brown running the socialist insanity show like the mad hatters tea party up in Scarymento....

Already most of the taxes Kalifornians pay goes to Komrades who (sic) worked for the state.

Its peaked at ridiculous levels and generations to come will pay for that shit dearly.

Komrade Brown's answer to his financial shortfall dilemma is just to add $175 vehicle tax a year and to add sneaky taxes that seem to total 12c  a gallon extra, but is in fact over a fucking dollar.

Fuck me, what is it that those total tards who voted for this shit actually have for brains?

Do they know that none of this extra vehicle tax cash is going to roads, trains or planes?

Nope, it's going to pay for the state workers retirement fund shortfall.

Sure as fuck ain't brains they have between their ears, that's for sure... Shit for brains springs instantly to mind in fact...

We need to make sure in fact, that people who vote pass a citizenship test proving they are capable of making sane and rational decisions that affect all of us.

Right now left wing fascists are rioting and causing untold mayhem because they "don't like" the fact Donald Trump is President.

In so doing they are openly admitting that democracy is only ok if their side wins.

This is the very first sign of fascism's forthcoming attractions that are soon to be kicked down the throats of everyone in the very best interests of "All".

Mmm, I heard that somewhere before.. .

I Seem to recall some twats by the name of Adolf and Benitto chirping the same sorts of shit and idiot level sentiment post WW1.

Remember what came of that shit? Yeah, well it's coming again brothers, fucking brace yourselves.....  ...

Well I guess we need an excuse for a civil war that will see populations culled to manageable levels again.

I only hope it will decimate the ranks of fascist morons posing as Democrats, because if it don't, we got problems brah....

Hear this my prayer O Lord.....(and I'm not even a God fearing critter....).....

Not that the right wing does not have ranks of similarly afflicted idiots, only 180 degrees to the right of the loonies on the left....

I'm getting into the rope and tree business, seems like it's going to be a busy time in that line of business in the near term....

If things work out right the left wing loons will partake in mutually assured destruction with the right wing loons...

"Hear this my prayer O' Lord"......

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Once upon a time......

All over our planet, various ancient civilizations from our known past tell a common tale that has been captured on clay, stone, crystals and various types of paper and even leather parchments.Some of it was just drawn on cave walls when paper was not en vogue....

The story these all tell was such that the church felt it necessary to suppress this information from common knowledge for over two thousand years, and which academia has subsequently laughed off as "myth" due to religious bigotry, as they have eager and willing pawns of the church within their walls and some special competition where they are all vying for the title of " Supreme Grand Stupid".

One must bear in mind that this ancient information has in fact been around for a very, very long time, in a lot of different locations on our planet, often in plain view.....

It is said:

A very long way away from Earth, a race of 4th dimensional beings live in the oceans of the third planet that orbits around a star we call Sirius C, whom select past civilizations here on earth referred to as "the creator gods".

Yet this is only half of those responsible for our Genesis.

Over millions of years other human type beings have explored and expanded their realms from Orion to the region  of our own Sun, inhabiting planets of various types. Some of these planets lay within a Goldilocks zone around a suitable star and some planets have their own thermal heat sources that did not need to rely on the energy and light of a sun like we and all life on earth do.

These beings had colonies on suitable planets all over this sector of our Galaxy. Colony may be a bit strong of a descriptor as these outcroppings existed as independent entities with their own agendas and goals.

Here on our own planet, several excavated stones bearing recorded history (not recorded "myth"), has it that these cetacean beings first arrived in our solar system some 900 million years ago to live on a planet called Tiamat.

In those days they could not live on Earth as Earth was not yet here.

Other war like races lived on Mars and Mercury and all of them brought about the destruction of Tiamat and the near total destruction of Mars itself.

A moon of the wandering planet Niburu hit Tiamat and the destruction brought about the asteroid belt, Earth and the moon we see around Earth today, though this is not the original moon of our planet.

It is said that all that remains of Tiamat is the Asteroid Belt and the moon circling the Earth which legend has it was placed in Earth's orbit by the Annunaki "gods" many many millennia ago. This is missing one important bit of information. The biggest remnant of Tiamat is in fact, Earth itself.

Legend also has it that this event also saw Niburu knocked into an eccentric orbit that orbits our sun every 3600 years or so in a direction opposite to that of the other planets. It is called Planet X by some....

Some also call Niburu Marduk. Many confuse it with Mars. I myself am unsure of the correlation of Marduk and  Niburu as my translations of the stones tell me Marduk is Mars.

We have lost the ancient references to what is what exactly, due mainly to those who support ideologies we can loosely describe under the banner of Dogma.

Planet X is essentially an ice world but it (allegedly) has its own geothermic heat source and a very thick atmosphere. According to many stones and clay tablets bearing this tale, the beings who live there have lives that span hundreds of thousands of our earth years.

One year on Planet X is called a shar. One shar is equal to 3600 earth years. Remember this when you read old scriptures and texts that refer to time in units of shar.

Legend has it that due to past nuclear war on Planet X, their atmosphere was damaged in an unexpected way, similar to the ozone hole we have here on earth only a thousand times worse. Due to the light of the sun and the distances involved, legend has it that it was important that some artificial insulation method be found and applied in an attempt to repair the damage.

Their scientists came up with a requirement for a lot of gold particles in the process to repair said damage and so they urgently sought a plentiful source of gold ore out in the Cosmos.

They found it here on earth in the quantities required. Mining operations were subsequently set up on Earth and Mars was used as a way-station for communication as well as  a holding spot for the gold. This whole process took thousands of years. It did not just happen overnight.

There have recently (relatively) been some breakthroughs in Sumerian tablet decoding (well... 1956 to be exact) and some recently found tablets place a planet with the name Niburu in the Zeta Reticuli star system.

Next week, (5/18/2017)  inter-dimensional beings will take me to Zeta Reticuli so that I can see it for myself.

This idea makes a lot more sense in some respects, but the placement of Nibiru is rather contradictory. Some stones claim Nibiru is in the Zeta Reticuli Star system which is also where the infamous Grey Aliens are supposed to hail from.

They also refer to another planet in our System, which for now we will refer to as Planet X, the battle planet.  There is some link between this way point planet and Zeta Reticuli. The ancient libraries which catalogued this info in Tibet and Alexandria have gone into hiding (probably languishing in the Vatican and China-Tibet somewhere).

The location of Niburu in the Zeta Reticuli system implicates other alien races in our story and it means that we are dealing with more than just one race of extra terrestrial with respect to earth's affairs..

 Zeta Reticuli is associated with the "Grey" ET race. It would seem at least two other races share Zeta Reticuli space and associated planets.

I also learnt recently how the Sirians became our father in cahoots with the Annunaki 203 000 years ago.

I had read books on the matter but now I know for fact that 32 Sirians had a hand in our creation.

I believe they are cetacean in third dimensional form, as we perceive them to be in our reality from our third dimensional point of view.

The problem is we do not have the same level of access to the Akkadian and Sumerian language codices that the US government specialists have and they have all the "good stuff" artifact wise. Nonetheless, we do have some interesting tablets that tell some interesting things......

We do have their (US Government) early codices but it is generally accepted as fact that the US government is probably working with the Greys who we know helped them understand Annunaki language in both spoken and written form. They also helped translate a whole host of early technical artifacts that had been collected since 1933.

So for them there is zero doubt as to what is written on the stones all over the planet. There are several hundred US Scientists who are suddenly  rather well versed in these ancient languages. A rather strange thing for Quantum mechanics, Bio Chemical and Physics specialists to take the time to be well versed in don't you think?

Another strange thing is that the Grey's have amazing powers of transmutation and have displayed and shown us how to turn lead into gold. Unfortunately they are not telling us the power secrets as even though we can do it, the power budget makes doing it pointless as it takes too much energy. I suspect that there is no secret to this sort of power generation problem otherwise they would have turned everything to gold by now.

The Annunaki and the Grey's have an interesting relationship. More of that in a later blog. Just file this away for later. Oh and also file away that there are white collar and blue collar Annunaki. This will become a factor to bear in mind later. The recorded data seems to indicate several factions from within the Annunaki that are hard to figure out from the various fragments we have.

The Grey's have been around for a lot longer than the Annunaki but are allegedly a dying race. This is why they are engaged in a desperate and very serious effort to save themselves with their hybrid human program and the horrors that this entails (or so we are led to believe at any rate). What is killing them? A rare (to us) disease called Progeria seems to be the culprit.

So what? You may ask. Well this stuff is important, as over time these heroes of their world sent to mine gold to save planet X grew restless and weary of their conditions and demanded something be done to relieve them of the yoke of their labors that they had been subject to for many thousands of years. It would seem the data points to a life span of 360 000 earth years for these beings. An astounding number to us humans.

Thus it was that the Annunaki genetic engineers started looking at life already present on this planet in a quest for the creation of a perfect species to do their mining tasks and dirty work on their behalf and relieve the workers of their labors.

To cut a very long story short we are the hybrid result of this engineering, sporting a few modifications here and there to suit humans for the task and mission at hand as well as serving as a farming operation for human hybrids of many types to be used elsewhere that continues almost unseen to this day but under the alleged control of the Grey's..

Let us go back to the days of Noah for a moment. Many stories abound about the gravitational effect of Planet X on earth causing the last flood when the ice shelves at the poles collapsed into the seas with devastating effect in around 10 500 BC.

However, unless Planet X has the gravity of a Red Dwarf this is most unlikely to be the cause of this flooding here on earth. The most likely cause is the natural melting of the ice caps...again.

Don't write of the effect of Planet X quite yet though.

These Alien visitors knew that with the melting of the ice caps, there would come a time when a devastating natural disaster event would trigger a massive rain cycle fed by the ice turning into water and that there would be a long list of natural disaster maladies including a rather large series of tsunami's resulting from the ice shelf collapsing into the sea with devastating consequences for all life on earth.

And so it was that urgent preparations to save what could be saved on the planet was put into place. Some factions within the alien Annunaki presence had concluded that as man had served his purpose, that they should all be erased from the face of the earth and the planet could be left to continue on its natural (sic) way.

As you can imagine at least a third of the alien contingent had issues and problems with this course of action especially when they themselves had been the other half of the donor DNA for the "adamu" project and that they and their own creation could in fact breed with each other and had in fact done so. This was not the fault of the hybrids they had created, this was the fault of these alien beings themselves who obviously lacked control and discipline in a major way. Or did they? Why did they procreate with their own creation?

If you read some of the old original biblical and historical texts correctly translated free of Christian Judeo or Muslim influences, you will soon understand the comment "let US make adamu in OUR own image" in it's proper context and meaning. It meant exactly what it said. Let US make a being in OUR own image to be OUR slave.

There are many stones and clay tablets that survived that tell the story of our creation and the trials and tribulations that this very difficult task presented the Annunaki. This story is not just from  a single civilization either, ALL of them tell the same thing. We are digging up older and older artifacts from known as well as unknown past civilizations that documented this with surprising detail.

A single civilization being a bit over creative I will give the pundits of such a theory the benefit of doubt with,  but ALL of them? Not a chance in hell, that  lives in the range of extreme twilight zone fantasy.

Suddenly, comments that "the gods" grew weary of their kind laying down with man and the abomination their seed was causing as a domino ripple effect places things in a very different light indeed. Immediately at least two factions amongst these Annunaki beings emerge from the past. You can imagine, just as we see here on earth the arguments between the purists and new wave new age thinking types did take place with the two sides gathering proponents as they steamed ahead.

Why have we never heard this before you may very well ask? Well, in fact the stones and papyrus bearing the recorded words of gods and man have been around a very long time with the same common story all over this planet.

Those in power in years gone by deliberately withheld the truth and the whole story of an angry "God" was used. It was an all time classic of psychological warfare and served magnificently to control the ignorant masses. What better way to control the masses with a very small force of resources? Why, create an unseen angry god of course!!

Remember, those doing the translating of these old texts were Catholic,  Protestant, Jewish and Muslim clerics and priests. People with serious agendas. Only in India can we see there was no significant cover up of the story of the alien presence here on earth because in India it was and still is not a secret.

In the West, when old texts and stones were translated, if there was any talk on them of gods flying around and having orgies here and there it was dismissed as myth. In older times a correct interpretation was often met with an untimely death. It is funny to now understand the "myth" is accurate recorded history and that the religious bullshit is in fact the myth. Too funny in a sick kind of way don't you think? The irony is not lost on me.

You can see all over recovered Sumerian writings, the inner conflicts these beings faced as a result of this and continual  references to a larger picture of history repeating itself are made over and over again, where it would seem that they themselves were the product of an exact similar story with another more ancient alien benefactor in their own very distant past. A double irony indeed!

You can imagine the bigotry of those in favor of annihilation of man and the arguments that must have taken place in the midst of their own social groups to rationalize the arguments either way. Zitchin translated stones he came into possession of that told the story from two sides, that of Enki and that of his brother Enlil.

In India the same tale is told with different names, but the story is exactly the same. In fact even the Mayans and Olmec's tell this same tale. Actually there are no ancient civilizations that do not tell this same story.

In any event, those gods in power and in favor won the annihilation argument and it was decided that man would not be forewarned of the forthcoming natural disaster. However, the stones recovered in 1979 state that the Annunaki commander Enki was not going to obey the consensus of his peers and was working out how he could meet his obligations to both sides without direct intervention as he had been planning a new world to his own liking.

The DNA and seeds of creation that would stay and that which would go in his model had been gathered and stored to mitigate the coming disaster. A new Terra-forming and engineering under the guidance and control of those in the Enki faction was well under way.

The "ark" did not physically have 2 of every creature in full grown form, they had cryogenic containers that stored life on earth version X as they saw it fit to be. There was also more than a single ark bearing the same seeds..There is evidence several other civilizations either had their own Noah or that they all referred to a single Noah entity. Recovered stones in Tibet reveal there were up to a dozen of these arks and they had a copy of everything on their spaceships and one on the ice of Antarctica.

It is also apparent several end of days events struck the earth, we have been uncovering Noah type stories from different times in our past and the conclusion is there may have been more than one flood of biblical proportions.

Obviously, they could do nothing about aquatic life which would survive if their food source did not expire but it is quite interesting to note that so many reptilian based life forms survived this deluge.

This does drive one to speculate the reptilian content of these invaders as there seems to have been quite a fondness for this arm of life from these "gods".

The evidence we have also supports more than the Annunaki presence on earth in the past. The Greys had aquatic sea based colonies and there are numerous references made to a nordic alien presence as well.

I personally think each Alien Presence was responsible for the various races. It is clear the original Annunaki creation of man was black people and Arabs followed as recorded in great detail on various stones and clay tablets.

Planet X's presence in the region between Jupiter and the Asteroid belt may have had an influence on our planet, but until we have more information we cannot say for sure what the precise cause was.

However, it is not the first time the poles have melted in the history of our planet as the magnetic poles flipped and a whole list of unpleasant things affected our planet as it spun through the cosmos. Our Sun itself has been a major influence on earth based weather for billions of years.

I am always amused by the global warming idiots blaming vehicle emissions and the 7 Billion or so humans on the planet for global warming. For sure it is not helping, but rest assured that with or without human beings on our planet the ice at the poles will melt and then someday freeze over in the grip of another ice age.... This has been happening ever since since the earth was first formed however billions of years ago it was formed.

We can no more have an effect on the celestial mechanics realities of our Sun than a few billion rabbits on the Australian continent can have on it.

But that is a story for another blog.

The fact is we have plenty of recorded facts that the Muppets in academia have written off as "myth" as to the real story of the flood and the near annihilation of mankind.

I guess that the multitude of dinosaur life and their bowel movements would have been put to blame for the environmental maladies of the age by the resident "global warming idiots" of the day way back when.

Let us go back to the origins of man as a species for a short while...

It has been a great puzzle for a long long time where man come forth from exactly. The last 200 earth years has seen an unprecedented acceleration of mankind's technology advances at a stunning pace that  have brought us out of the dark ages into a period of enlightenment on a scale that is hard to believe when comparing our most recent progress circa 1750.

Also, there are very disturbing questions as to previous civilizations that may have been far, far more technologically advanced than we are now, based on what little evidence they left behind them. I suspect history may have repeated itself many times over at this juncture. I think that the different civilizations creation tales may in fact be a repetitive occurrence. The more we dig up and analyze the more we learn.

Little the clues may be, but the clues sure are on a scale of pretty major big finger in your eye types of evidence. The types only idiots or those blinded by "blind religious faith" could possibly  ignore.

As I already mentioned, there is a whole host of new irrefutable medical evidence in the field of genomics and the decoding of the Human Genome that Dr Venter and his team cracked in the late 90's of the last century that stand before us blinking like thing possessed on a computer terminal in ones and zero's.

Along with that evidence, there is other data from the regions of the earth once ruled by the little known Annunaki and Sumerian civilizations as well as later ones in the Indus Valley, the Olmecs from South America and subsequent Mayan and Inca civilizations, where artifacts, stones and cities have been dug up or discovered in caves all bearing a single stunning thing in I mentioned earlier they all tell the same creationism tale.

These ancient and allegedly primitive civilizations appear to have been so skilled in building things like massive monuments with foundation stones that weighed up to 1200 tons, so accurate and skilled in celestial mechanics and knowledge of the stars that it cannot possibly be ignored. Yet mainstream academia just about everywhere has this completely hilarious view of things  and one finds it very hard to believe that sane rational beings with "educated" working minds could have arrived at such a state of pulling the wool over their own eyes.

It really boggles the mind in a very major way. Take the Sphinx for example. We know for a fact that the Sphinx has water erosion marks on it that date it back to at LEAST 10 500 BC, yet mainstream academia claims that the pharaoh Khafra (c. 2558–2532 BC) was the one who built it along with the pyramids, yet documentation exists in libraries all over the world that reference it going back to 6500 BC and some new stuff we are looking at that place it firmly in 7500 BC..... That and the fact that there is no record that exists that Khafra built either of them at all ( just a small, minor detail)....

More Bizarre is evidence that such structures in the exact same placement and formation are to be found on Mars, along with the Annunaki recorded stones that state quite openly that those that watch were deliberately stationed there.

An interesting claim backed up by NASA photographic evidence that is allegedly just hundreds of coincidental "shadows" (amazing how many recognizable "shadows" are out there from a myriad of different angles huh?").

There are also religious records that reference the position of the stars when the Sphinx was allegedly built that indicate it was probably built in around 10 500 BC. This roughly coincides with the water erosion data. As this does not fit any one's religious dogma comfort profile it is dismissed as "myth", which is a recurring theme when man runs beyond his comfort zone.

I have examined Mr Bauvals evidence of the sky (at night) as it would have been then and they do in fact exactly represent the date of 10 500 BC on the star map software.

How do we get there you may ask? Well it just so happens that the Pyramids at Giza line up in amazing precision as they were laid out with the constellation of Orion in.....10 500 BC. Even more interesting is that the Sphinx lines up with the constellation of Leo when Orion is a replica to the Pyramids (in alignment) in.......10 500 BC....Wow, a double whammy!!

It is thus my conclusion that the Pyramids were built when this alignment was in the sky in....10 500 BC. Of course the texts that describe the sun rising and setting in the same place three times is 78 000 odd years....

Even if you allow for the fact that primitive cavemen drew what they saw and then go on to state that they made a mistake, how come the star map they did draw is accurate to that time? They would not have known what the sky looked like in another age and time and if they did they were not cave people. Either way the conventional theories are just plain wrong.

In fact there exists a great deal of recorded ceremonial and religious cult data that references star alignments that definitely date the Sphinx back to between 11 000 - 10 500 BC. I even saw one in the Vatican Vault myself that to me place it back as far as the beginning of the Sumerian Civilization at the very least.

That's 4000 BC by the way. So the dating to Khafra fits the agenda of just one organization. The Catholic Church no less. Oh and let us not forget that the Roman Empire split in two and only one half was Christian.....The other half was Byzantine. Them Byzantine boys had serious political ambitions.....

Catholics always forget that little part of history. This other half of the Roman Empire centered itself in Constantinople and eventually became the other half of the crusades in what is essentially still a East-West Rome legacy of fact battle that rages on in different guise with so many years having gone by that few know what the two factions represent or are all about anyway.

If any of you have ever been to Jerusalem and seen for yourself the walls that the Ottoman Empire built around the city, you cannot fail to be mightily impressed by the achievements of the East Rome Empire from an architectural point of view. It is truly stunning. I at least, am mightily impressed.

In addition to these facts, there exist a horde of artifacts such as stones, clay tablets and such that are in vaults in museums all over the world because they simply cannot be explained by the Muppets in academia to the satisfaction of their dogma and comfort zones...... the poor confused things!!

Among them are models of space shuttle type vehicles and rockets WITH accompanying astronauts!! You think I am kidding? I have personally seen three of them with my own eyes. These have been placed in draws in museums around the world under the label "unexplained" or "hoax". Even after carbon dating and determining age they still come up with hoax?!! I sometimes wonder if a million aliens actually invaded if some people would deny reality and claim it was a hoax?

The real reason for this stupid behavior is this sort of thing immediately makes ALL three core religions totally irrelevant as they all know that those are the only hoaxes in the story of man thus far.

It is funny how recorded history swiftly became mythology when it suddenly did not fit in with the criminal agendas of those in power at the time in the Holy Roman Empire.(east or west) and the subsequent shenanigans of academia and the various churches or worse, political organizations and Governments.

However, now that modern genomics and DNA capabilities associated with such are everyday tools, we have been able to look at  some very unusual remains of what have appeared to be deceased giant humans, except that the DNA test evidence can only classify these beings with very large skulls and teeth as part human hybrids... There is a missing link for these remains that are the same for Homo Sapiens Sapiens except that for them we know the one half (Humans) of the puzzle.

For us humans there are in fact two missing links, the hominid "they" used to create us and the other donor species we referred to as "The gods". Current thinking is that CroMag hybrids were the donor hominid. I am pretty sure that one day we will find this evidence which now lies under thousands of feet of water in the Mediterranean Sea in the Copious records of the library at Alexandria or get our hands on the Tibetan records.

It would be good if said gods would descend from the sky so that we may DNA test them. That would save us all a great deal of time fucking around in the sea recovering shit. The tibetan monks used to have a comprehensive library of all of this stuff but it seems to have gone missing. I suspect a select few are guarding the secrets to this treasure or they have been wiped out taking their secrets with them to the afterlife.

Again, so called "mythology" from more than one past earth centered civilization explains exactly what was happening, but because of the religious dogma and associated assorted bullshit the "evidence in front of your face" has been blown off as "mythology" and fantasy all over the world - with the exception of one or two countries. In India it is no surprise to anyone where humans came from and how it (creation of man) was done. Their ancient records, dismissed by western academia as "myth" are revered as fact by Hindu's and based on the evidence to hand, I myself do believe that they happen to be quite right.

This is because Akkadian and Annunaki records bearing testimony to the same thing have been found and they exist in vaults of Museums and private collections all over the planet, most gathering dust as extreme denial shakes its last shake.....

How about that!!?

The fact is that if you strip the religious indoctrination and hidden agendas from all of these past "independent" groups and Universities that have studied antiquity and come up with the half arsed bullshit to explain it all, it becomes very clear that the evidence was not looked at in a meaningful way and in some cases has been completely destroyed or changed to fit the religious views of eastern or western Rome.

What is even funnier is political groups that debunk the multitude of evidence that is out there from even the recent past. Take a look at paintings from the Italian Renaissance period and ask yourself why it is that so many flying saucers and rocket ships randomly occupy space in corners of religious paintings and such pieces commissioned by the Roman Catholic Church itself....??! Is this not truly bizarre??!!

Thousands of years after some genius invented religion, the battle rages on in the face of the cold hard facts at hand to the contrary. Ask yourself if it is not strange that Akkadian, Sumerian, Indian, Inca, Olmec, African, Asian and any other culture anywhere tells the same story that the "gods" created man, why and how it was done. Only the names of the gods are changed. The story remains the same in all of them.

Fact: Human Beings as a race are genetically about 220 000-240 000 years old, nothing dug up so far can refute that. There are not millions of years of fossils that abound in the earth like there is with everything else that lives upon it. Our origins are unknown. Our MTA evidence supports this conclusion.

More importantly fossil records of our current human genus only go back 65 000 years, there are no human fossil records older than 240 000 years that I have ever seen or know about. Think about that for a second. Our hominid ancestor is "missing" and our "god creator" DNA evidence is either missing or we have overlooked the many remains of Giants that have been dug up with huge heads and bodies, classifying them as human. But they are not.

Fact: Various Civilizations from antiquity all over the world tell the same story of how we were created. The names are different, but the story is the same in ALL of them. The Church and its funded University (sic) academia write it off as "Myth" to suit and tailor their own agendas as these past religions were concocted with scribes and people with gnarly agendas who rewrote original texts to suit their own personal agendas.

Fact: The Earths ancient civilizations knew more about planets and stars than we do. They somehow managed to figure out that earth has a 25 920 year journey for a full cycle through the equinoxes, they knew about stars and planets we only recently discovered ourselves, and yet academia would have us believe they were primitive cave dwellers. Conclusion? Either there are chapters of human history and 190 000 years of stuff we are unaware of, with these past civilizations bearing such advanced technology that make us look like cave men in comparison or there was an extra terrestrial influence as told in all earth based 'mythologies' of the ancients. The truth is probably a mix of both.

I wonder how these primitive cave dudes figured out and concocted this wild story whilst eating the odd lamb chop huddled over a fire in their dark smelly caves......??? Another example pissing in the eye of academia is the Dogon tribe of Mali, who also knew of Sirius B and the planet that orbits Sirius C that we only discovered in 1989 ourselves (We first saw Sirius B with a telescope in 1862)!!

The Dogon tribe knew all of this stuff for thousands of years. We have confirmed several pieces of it already with powerful telescopes such as the Hubble. We recently discovered the third star in that system, a Red Dwarf we are calling Sirius C. It is most likely the Dogon tale is about Sirius C and its planet. Whatever way it is, how did they know about two stars both invisible to the human eye and a Planet around the least visible one recently discovered by our own scientists???

Now considerable debunking of the guy who did this stuff on the Dogon exists and is valid, but Atlanteans knew this data as well so someone's debunking has got carried away with their efforts somewhat.

The fact is this data is in more than one ancient document.

Conclusion: Someone gave ancients this data in some sort of communication process at an indeterminate time over the last 220 000 years.

Fact: Gold mining shafts have been discovered in Zimbabwe and South Africa that lead us to believe there were pre-existing shafts that were 7 KM deep and which hail back to 13 500 BC!!

Bogus: Academia and the churches stating missionaries and priests from the catholic church told them this information. (How did they Know? These religions are younger than these stories....!! Spot the error...).

The ancient gold miners also happened to crush rock to obtain gold ore. Now how did they think of that?! Boy, Caveman school sure musta been pretty intense!! Astronomy, physics, celestial mechanics, geology, advanced algebra, quantum physics, bio-chemistry, genomics, physiology, architecture, ore smelting, miracles, spaceships....!

Conclusion: Either a previous earth based civilization was responsible or the ancient astronaut theorists have it. The truth is probably a little bit of both.

How could primitive cavemen do that with lamb bones and clubs? How long will it take me to dig a 7000 meter deep mine shaft with a lamb chop bone exactly?????? (clue - there is not that many sheep).

Fact: The Annunaki came from an unknown origin to teach the Sumerian civilization crop cultivation and unbelievable building architecture literally overnight.......... from around 7500 through 4000 BC.... Now how did they do that?

The finger is once again pointing to an unknown chapter of of our past. Bear in mind the stones of the Annunaki tell the tale of Niburu and that this is where they came from. I do not believe this is fantasy or bullshit, but accurate recorded history.

Fact: In Jordan there is a place called Baalbeck, where someone/something built a stone complex with some of the stones as a base having a weight of 1200 tons...... each! Today we do not have a like capability and nothing that can move such stones from quarry to building site nor cranes that could move such ginormous artifacts....

Now how the fuck did they do that? They musta had the force (and yoda) with them!! The most important question everyone overlooks with these stones is how did they quarry and move them? 1200 ton blocks moved by trees????? Now that is funny!! Cut from the rock with what?? Pulled into place by what? Maneuvered by what exactly?

We have evidence that they used electrical current and sound waves to negate gravity on these blocks and move them by floating them through the air once gravity unbound.

Impressive for an allegedly primitive civilization don't you think?

Conclusion: There was once a very advanced presence on our planet that had unbelievably advanced technology and capability. Was it ET? Was it an advanced form of humans? Probably a bit of both. Remember we are 240 000 years old and our own origins are not from this planet with a scant history in comparison to everything else on the planet. (ref fossil record).

Also we have the Coral Castle where one individual did discover the secrets of moving giant blocks of stone by floating them through the air. He was recorded as stating he discovered the secret in Egypt. It must have worked he created a masterpiece solo, a single man. Go look and make a conclusion about this yourself based on the facts your eyes tell you.

There are stones at Baalbeck that were perfectly cut with something that would have had to have been  harder than Andesite Quartz. Oh, btw to us today that's diamond tipped tool material territory........but they were barely cavemen.......

A much more plausible theory is that the Easter bunny moved them in cahoots with the Loch Ness Monster one slow Sunday....That is more credible than tree rollers, because a 1200 ton stone block does interesting things to tree logs. I know, I built a device to test this theory and it failed completely to even make a slight possibility of that stupid theory.

And then there is the biggest evidence that something is amiss in Luxor and Karnak in Egypt. Stand at the temple of Karnak and behold the magnificent statues perfect precision and you soon correctly conclude these were made by machine. (they left machine evidence and machining mistakes all over the place) These are mostly laser precise, perfect equidistant spacing, perfect geometry which is reproduced over and over again. Say, where was the Hitachi Power Tools store in 11 000 - 4500 BC Exactly anyhow?

To mainstream academia I have only one thing to say re their crazy wild arsed theories these were hand made by bronze age tools,  "Yeah, Right!! Send me a bag of that weed you are smoking".

Tell you what, lets take measurements from these artifacts and pay a Zillion dollar reward to the first human or company to make something similar by hand with bronze age tools sans machines shall we? The money would be 100% safe....

The precision on these examples cannot be matched by hand tools, not from any civilization anywhere, not ever. Consider this as fact and smoke it anyway you want, these artifacts were built with tools and exquisite machines that used lasers and had heat generating plasma wave capabilities that could melt the hardest rock.

Conclusion? There was a presence in Egypt with seriously advanced technology that had the capability to machine to this scale and detail in a very rapid period of time (some temples were built in a few evenings).

Back to the drawing board please gents and burn the bibles/torah/weed etc. while you are at it.....pretty, pretty please! Your assertion that pyramids were built by slaves lugging thousands of tons of perfectly cut rock on tree logs are so stupid that it defies belief.

The assertion that the above artifacts were built by bronze age tools tells me you are all either blinded by the effects of hard drug use or hard core religion and beliefs are clouding your judgement to the extent you have classified yourselves as primo muppets. I am being kind here to boot.

Are there any of us out there with their shit together that can help us figure this out properly? Is it not reminiscent of the time the church burnt people at the stake for stating the earth was not flat.

We know the Egyptians knew about precession and that the earth went around the sun and how long it took and that the earth was actually round just like the moon and sun. Copernicus did not invent anything new, he just restated what past civilizations knew as fact thousands of years prior. And thousands of years later puny ignorant religious ignoramuses were burning people at the stake for the crime of not believing that the earth was flat??????

As a species this was not our finest hour.

Looking at the way academia today handles the history and origins of man I would say that absolutely nothing has changed..........apart from the fact that we now (mostly) shit in toilets and have sanitation systems and live a lot longer than we used back in Copernicus's day.....but then again, Akkadian stones state the life of men being nine hundred 360 day long years!! If we are lucky we currently live 1/8th of that span today!!

Progress, it seems comes in spite of ourselves.....By the way ever stopped to think of the massive mountains of sewage that 8 Billion humans are creating every day?

Next up, the "Myths" we now know as historical records of fact as we have managed to translate them, starting with the Annunaki. Those who to earth from the heavens came.......

In the meantime, take everything you were taught re the history of man and trash it. The one thing that is crystal clear is that academia has no fucking idea about the origins of man and earth because they have religious or political agendas to defend and fit into.

Despite ALL past civilizations telling the tale that Alien beings from another star came to earth and genetically created us by creating a Hybrid with an already present hominid and their own DNA, and despite our MTA evidence proving as fact we are a very young creation and despite all the very detailed evidence we have found it has been written off as "Myth".

True science and "mythology", as it turns out has a far better and more accurate story to tell....

That DNA MTA evidence is all we needed to open our eyes. If you want to see the true aliens on earth go to the bathroom and look into a mirror, one will always stare back at you. Unless you are a vampire I can guarantee success with that little experiment. There is no need to fear the Aliens, we are the Aliens! (well ok the Malevolent Annunaki are a pretty serious and scary bunch of MOFO's).

Backing this up is the multitude of evidence in a place in Bolivia called Pumu Punku, where space age evidence thousands of years ahead of our own technology lies strewn around in the open for all to see.

Not only is the precision of this stone masonry, which is almost as hard as diamond beyond our own technology level in terms of cut and smooth finish, there are precision drilled holes all over these stones to boot.

Pumu Punku is also at a huge elevation where there are no trees and these stones came from a stone quarry 60 miles away as the crow flies....!!

We have tried to cut stones from the same quarry and shape them to the same specifications and we just cannot do it. When you look at their (the unknown builders) work and our work with a microscope and even touching and feeling the two by hand it becomes clear who is primitive (US).

Then there is the slight matter of transport of these stones from the quarry.

Laugh no more like a lunatic at the notion that aliens from outer space came to earth, all those Norse and Greek mythology stories are in fact a historical record of fact.We have more than enough overwhelming evidence recorded in clay, stones of various types and papyrus to back it up.

Here's an outrageous idea, let us shed the shackles of religion, politics and academia and take a fresh un-blinkered look at our past and our recorded history written off as "myth" as it would seem that the truth has been around us all along.....We were stumbling around our planet in the light with our eyes wide shut.........Sad really.



Saturday, November 26, 2011

The Origins of Homo Sapiens Sapiens

Growing up in South Africa in the 60's and 70's forced a lot of religion down my throat by bigots spanning all walks of society in South Africa. The worst were certain school teachers and political people using the bible to justify apartheid.

Being of insanely curious mind and engaged in a never ending quest to make sense of life the universe and everything, the bible caused me a great deal of problems to digest and swallow without question. It seemed to be referring to a schizophrenic God with serious multiple personality problems and all over the badly engineered and woefully tacked together tome are a million and one contradictions that made no sense to me at all.

For example, in the beginning God is either high or he is talking to other PEERS, when he says "Let US create man in OUR own image". Here we have the concept of a whole clan of Gods openly stated for the first time.

Immediately one is saying "Er OK, but what the Fuck??!!".

This biblical statement that I first read at age 11 was the beginning of the end of religion of all forms as we know it on planet earth as far as I was concerned.

Inconsistencies, lies, contradictions, vengeance, getting even, murder, greed, slavery, gold, lust, power and family feuds amongst the gods there were by the gazillion in this very entertaining tome

On analysis,  all of these things seem to be what religion really seems to be all about. That and the serious abuse of mankind as a whole over 200 000  or so years. The whole thing is disgusting in the extreme and begs the question of whether man deserves to exist at all because in general he seems to be plenty stupid when surrounded by the facts staring him in the face.

Norse Mythology and Greek mythology suddenly seemed more realistic when compared to the christian and other religious bullshit I was reading and in around 1996 I started wondering if these Norse, Greek, Mayan, Vedic and other tales Academia classified as Mythology were in fact a historical record that Religious Bigots had decided was fallacy as it did not line up with their views.

By the age of 15 I had concluded that religion and ALL ancient history as taught in school was in fact a mighty clever plot someone had come up with to control the largely uneducated masses without assigning an "angel" as overlord to each human on earth and was in fact probably complete horseshit on a grand old scale.

I investigated a lot of religions during my 47 years of life on this earth. Not all I hasten to add, but a lot.

When we grew up and went to college/University some of my peers and friends went into very different streams of expertise to pay the bills and such as per their chosen profession. We were later all to have the same hobby as a result of the disturbing inconsistencies with the origins of man and our own unique inquisitive minds that brought us to odds with religious dogma and the crap academia had stuffed down our throats as fact and then ridiculed us when we called on them to substantiate their thinking.

One of my pals was very interested in Dinosaurs and went on to become quite a digger up of old bones. This exposed me to many of the professors and other folks involved with this and I have been on digs and searches myself all over the world and had the opportunity to ask these learned people some very uncomfortable questions. (the joke is the whole thing first started as a crush on one female whose name I now forget).

What struck me about these folks from academia was that they were always caught between Dogma and facts and always wanted to make the facts fit their dogma and unsubstantiated beliefs. This strange behavior perplexed me for many years until I began to understand the human condition a little bit more than I knew it at the age of 21.

Curiously, I found that a whole host of other historical specialists and academia in general nixed whatever intelligence that they had with their Dogma Illusion show.

That is to say that as a result of their religious and other beliefs indoctrinated into them from birth in whatever society across the planet they happened to have come from, they had allowed their "unconfirmed beliefs" to rule their work and as a result almost all work done ever since religion has become a factor is not only dubious its probably all been a complete waste of time or heavily tainted to the point of irrelevance.

My first confirmation of this as of yet unspoken suspicion was when I ran into a great many paleontologists on said digs who could give you great information on creatures that roamed the earth hundreds of millions of years ago. There are fossil records, there is evidence, they had sound plausible theories.

However, when these self same people focused on the subject of the origins of man, whoa!! Insanity and the crazies ruled supreme big time!! Common sense it was not to be found anywhere. Logic to another dimension had fled.

Along with that is the cold hard fact that fossil or other remains of man do not go beyond said 212 000 years ago, the oldest hybrids that have been found are all 240 000 years old. That is it!! Nothing further has ever been found..... What you will find is a million idiots postulating theories as fact that one of the hominids was the missing link, but so far that hominid has not been found.

Then in 1989 the human genome project started to peel back the onion from another unexpected angle and talking to genetics specialists and pals who had branched into this field started to piece the puzzle together in a pretty serious way for the first time on other evidence as to the origins of man. I started to pay attention and take note of the findings as these people had no reason to hide their science with religion for the most part.

So in around 1997 a few of these types kinda put the seal on the fact that all humans had in fact come from a single female in Africa around 212 000 years ago.

The MTA evidence every human carries in his body has these pointers and females carry MTA evidence that cannot lie. It has been decoded and the evidence stands before us as a cold hard fact.

This started to make life very interesting with respect to the origins of man. In my vast studies of various religions and cults over the aeon's started to place what the historians had labeled as "Myth" in the Actual historical records category in a big way.

Suddenly the Annunaki and Sumerian tales as to the origin of man recorded on stone tablets and clay that were dismissed at "Myth" by the muppets in academia mainly because it did not fit their religious beliefs start to make a whole bunch of sense.

If you are one of those religious twits who states "where is the evidence, how come we never heard of it before?",  then you are uneducated and need to get yourself an education. The "facts" have been dismissed by religions as "myth". How convenient.........for the church that is. The facts are that creationism stories from all over the earth tell the same story, be it Annunaki, Sumerian, Akkadian, Norse, Greek, Egyptian, Easter Island, South American, African, Asian, European, Indian,  whatever/wherever/whoever.

Still, in the face of all this evidence I did not jump to conclusions. I waited 20 years for the evidence and yet more evidence to come to the fore. I was enraged to discover that several religious organizations and cults on this planet have been hiding clear evidence to the truth in their vaults for 1700 years or more that clearly lays out the history and lineage of man from inception some 240 000 years ago when the first experiments began on indigenous earth beings and creatures.

When I first read this I laughed at the notion. Its funny how often in my life I have proclaimed that a notion is completely ridiculous, only to find that is exactly the way it is.

Suddenly, reading ancient vedic texts and original documents from Palestine and Egypt circa 7500 BC on became of paramount importance. So too was the Olmec, Toltec and Aztec history as well as the Mayan one.

Unfortunately, people in power in the Catholic Church, who have been aware of the "real" situation for more than 1700 years at the top of the organization came under the spotlight of scrutiny for me. It turns out our founding catholic brothers were nothing more than a controlling bunch of murderous thugs 7 layers deeper than the Indian thugee cult who murdered millions of people over the ages.

I was not surprised to find that many people charged with translating the early scrolls and new found religious treasures of the time were either summarily poisoned, executed or burned at the stake for translating the texts correctly without having the good sense to add some smart diplomacy into the equation or turn their brain and senses on to the impending danger from within the church itself.

Being a catholic friar or monk charged with early biblical documentation translations was a very hazardous and life limiting experience indeed!! Here were diplomats telling the pope what they dug up said and tactfully asking for the interpretation of the holy see, as mere mortals could not possibly understand what was written. Very clever is this religious shit.....

Those that did not agree and who dared confront the church with their lies were swiftly burned at the stake or worse.

I estimate that over the last 1500 years or so the Catholic church has been directly responsible for the murder and genocide of over 270 million human beings and that is the low side of the estimate. One of my colleagues thinks its almost as high as 600 Million.

Now there is an organization that makes Adolph Hitler look like a rank amateur in comparison!! ( I myself was brought up in a catholic family in case you were wondering).

So, looking afresh at all of this brought me into the company of a vast world of people with like minds who cared less for religious dogma and were only interested in facts.

This has proved a very interesting journey and the subsequent blogs I will write will cover what I have found which may strike cords of resonance with many people who have written books on the subject over the recent past 100 years or so. Some of it you may have written off as science fiction, but think again.......

In addition to scrolls, several stones bearing inscriptions were also found and smuggled out of the point of origin and translated free from dogma and academia pressure from Universities who have also been deeply mired in hiding the truth due to their dogma factor and peer pressure from religious zealots.

This situation is very unfortunate indeed. the culprit is blind religious faith in religions that cannot be substantiated or whose alleged written records can simply not be proven or substantiated in any way unless you examine the original texts and not the crap translations made by various churches and sects..

Basically the entire history of mankind is wrong and contains a lot of bullshit that twists the truth mightily. Several parties made it that way, including ourselves. By ourselves I refer to the greedy human grubs who litter history attempting to look like saints but who were mere money grabbing, power hungry murderers of zero to no conscience or morals and no ethics whatsoever.

The evidence has been around for a long time telling the real story, but these murderous louts have not only grabbed what they could, they destroyed a huge amount of data that was crucial to mankind in the process. All for a bar of gold and the power and control it would bring a select few at all costs.

The fact is the catholic Church are the greatest band of murderers, vandals and desecration artists ever to have walked the face of the planet bar one.

They still hold a great many treasures that are under lock and key for fear of what they perceive mankind would do as a result of finding it all out. Panic, mayhem, anarchy, chaos etc. Please!!

Those that believe the tales and story and even our notion of religion to be sourced from the Supreme Being have serious issues they need to have immediate professional help with.

It seriously is akin believing that the Easter bunny is real. Those of us with a brain have had issues with this situation and many of us lost our lives in the most gruesome way you could ever imagine over the ages challenging it.

In the end, man dies, but spirit won't.

We are in an age of enlightenment. Your religious beliefs will be shaken to the core. This does not mean there is no God, it does mean those that pretended to be God and the things they did need to be seen for what they were and what they are.

You investigate for yourselves and travel the long road I have and you will come to the same conclusion I have. If not maybe the power of your religious indoctrination is the most powerful thing known to mankind!!

The evidence is out there. Hidden in plain sight to boot!!

My next blog will start at what we know as the beginning of mankind with a prehistory as we know it to be told to us by the gods who came here and left these records behind them.

Monday, April 4, 2011

There is some honor left in France......

A French judge has filed preliminary manslaughter charges against European aircraft maker Airbus over a crash in 2009 that killed Erich Heine and 227 other souls who were on board said doomed Airbus.

All of the 228 people on board were killed when an Air France flight from Rio De Janeiro to Paris came down in the Atlantic Ocean June 1 2009. You may recall my blog about this tragic event several years ago. Fortunately, some people over there (France) actually read and do something about facts and actually have some honor coursing through their veins.

The preliminary charges pave the way for further investigation into the serious bullshit that AI and certain "other" parties within the french government smeared around over this and other accidents in a truly amazing farce the likes of which even the late Peter Sellers as the pink panther would have died for as a movie script....I suspect that if you did write this tale down and submit it as a black comedy script it would probably be rejected as being way to stupid to be even a shred credible for said movie!!

The cause of the accident is very well known by both AI, Air France and select parties within the Chateau de Versailles, though they are maintaining the farce that the sensors on the aircraft sent faulty speed readings to the pilots.(You don't say!) Of course, we know that all too well. It turns out I was the moron with my statement that the system took control away from the pilot. It was the exact opposite.

In fact what seems to have happened is that pure supercooled water, on contact with the pitot tubes caused the ADIRU to give control to the pilots.

The pilots neglected the speed setting in their other panic procedures and were most likely overwhelmed with the failures they had of all automatic systems on board.

Automatic speed control shut down and the power positions on an A330 do not reflect the actual power situation and most pitot tube incidents on other planes showed the crew were way too slow to increase power.

SOP is to increase power to 85% and adjust the elevator trim up 5 degrees. In this setting the speed data from the non-functioning pitot tubes are negated until they encounter warmer air and hopefully start working again.

Experiments with super cooled water show amazing results. The pure water does not freeze despite being at -40 degrees, but should impurities come into contact with it, such as a wire rod etc, it freezes instantly to ice. Amazing shit to see.

Airbus says no one can know for sure what happened as the so-called "black boxes", which monitored events during the flight, have not been recovered, but we all know fine fucking well they have an exact copy of that data and knew within seconds exactly what had happened on board AF 447 and whose fault it really was (their stupid plane and their pilots). The black boxes have now been recovered as statement below states.

The French Bureau of Investigations and Analyses says it has downloaded all of the data on the two ‘black’ boxes recovered from the wreckage of Air France flight AF447 on the floor of the mid-Atlantic ocean earlier this month.

The flight data recorder has provided a complete record of some 1300 data points including the position of control surfaces, engine outputs, crew inputs, speed, altitude, and direction headings as well as aerodynamic loads on the Airbus A330-200 for the duration of the flight that was on its way from Rio de Janeiro to Paris when it crashed on June 1, 2009, killing all 228 people on board.

The cockpit voice recorder has provided a two hour long record of pilot conversations as well as other noises on the flight deck including aural warnings that are expected to have been generated during the circumstances that overwhelmed the flight as it flew through icing conditions and a belt of high energy tropical thunderstorms.

The investigators will synchronize the information on the flight data recorder with words and other sounds retrieved from the voice recorder.

In a statement the bureau said its team would make a detailed analysis over the next few weeks of the black box recordings in order to assemble a fuller narrative of what happened in the flight’s final moments. It expected to make an interim report based on the new data during the northern summer.

It seems the storm data downloaded from NASA satellites was key to solving this mystery. The small storm cell they encountered hid the much larger cumulo Granitus plane shredder cell from their nose cone radar system which only has a limited 50 mile range anyways.

The rest of the story was just a clusterfuck of bad pilot responses. Had they increased power to 85% and trimmed 5 degrees up this accident would probably have never happened.

Let us hope and pray all A330 operators are training their pilots for this event up the yin yang henceforth.

First order of duty gentlemen (pilots) on encountering such failure event please, trim elevator up 5 degrees, while adding power to 85%.(immediate response)

Sort the rest out after you have done that pleez.

Anyway back to AF447, after the clowns in the cockpit had been pulling their hair and manuals to shreds, the power was way too low and the aircraft stalled outside of its 10 Kt operating window and it fell out of the sky stalled and hit the water flat.

The wreckage evidence supports this theory, the NASA weather shows the incredible storm situation they flew into, the super chilled water phenomena is now understood and accepted as fact.

I just dont understand why a GPS system monitoring speed via sattelite is not used as fallback?

Works in my little plane when I have an instrument failure.......but whut do I know?

Thank you.

Saturday, November 27, 2010

En Vogue a la Cambridge

So there one was, minding ones own biz so to speak on a quiet country lane near Cambridge when to my surprise I spied a female form coming nonchalantly my way in the distance. At first I did not notice much apart from the scarf, jackets and boots. You know how it is first sparrows, one does not take it all in at first.....

Well, said specimen, one Margaret Caruthers - student of Communist studies at Cambridge University (what else?) had apparently been quite vocal about her firm belief in her unshakable knowledge of everything that could not be refuted by anyone.....

She ran into Jeeves at said Uni Bar and well the rest is history...... Not been one much interested in tits, Jeeves opted for pants and nickers instead of shirt and bra vis a vis a wager and needless to say said specimen was in somewhat of a pickle rather rapidly as Jeeves cut her up chop chop here and there leaving the poor girl utterly confounded. Well , rather smartly - the poor girl, realizing she was on a loser opted to take the country dash home to res where I was fortunate enough to have spotted her making a furry dash for it.

Woke me up darn quick that did, I say!! Not quite titillatting as I thought.... but something more base stirred in the loins what what!!

What ho Margaret!! Jolly fine jape old girl. Ha ha... Must spend some time at Cambridge soon... I do like stiff lower lips.... tally ho and all that !!

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Nepal runs out of goats to sacrifice

Oops, looks like the Coven from Coventry and the Hells gate Pylon are going overboard on the blood sacrifice thing this year.

The government has been forced to send officials into the countryside to look for animals to help ease the shortage in Kathmandu.

Goats and other animals are ritually slaughtered and eaten during the Hindu festival of Dashain to appease the goddess of power, Durga.

Bijaya Thapa, deputy general manager at the Nepal Food Corporation, said: "Kathmandu city faces a shortage of goats during the festival, which always brings a high demand for goat meat.

"We are bringing goats in to ease the supply and to control dramatic price hikes."

Officials have been told to persuade farmers to sell their livestock in rural areas, where the government has posted adverts calling on people to sell their goats.

Mr Thapa said the price of the animals had risen by a quarter in the capital as the festival approached, and the government was hoping to bring in around 6,000 extra animals.

"Our staff have been mobilised across the country to search for goats to prepare for the festival," he said.

"Around 240 goats have already reached Kathmandu and we are expecting more in the coming days."

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Bird Brain...!!

BIRDS of a feather drink together, as this amazing photo reveals.

At Post Office Square, in Brisbane's bustling CBD, three clever pigeons showed remarkable teamwork on Thursday in an effort to quench their thirst.

After waiting until it was clear of humans, one pigeon jumped on the lever of a water fountain, while another kept watch and the third took a cool drink. When it had drunk its fill, and had a bath, it was time to move along and let his mates in on the action.

For 10 minutes the birds drank and washed while passersby marvelled at their ingenuity.

Unlike other birds who take a sip of water and throw back their heads to swallow, pigeons suck up water using their beaks like straws. And they are considered among the most intelligent of all the bird species.

While unpopular with city workers - pigeons are nicknamed the rats of the sky - they are quite clean. And now we know why!